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Day to Day

Amazon - "Welcome Home" HTX

Brittan Pittman

Produced by: Film Lab
Director: Aaron Tharpe
DP: Brittan Pittman
1st AC: Ryan Clements
Additional Cinematographers: Aaron Tharpe, Ryan Clements, Anderson Castro
Producer: Henry Proegler
Associate Producer: Javier Fernandez
Copywriter: Cort Gatliff
Editor: Aaron Tharpe
Assistant Editors: Ryan Clements, Brittan Pittman
Color / Finishing: Aaron Tharpe
Music Supervision: Marmoset Music
Executive Producers: Ann Taylor, Courtney Ray, Jake Nolan, Melanie Chin
Client: Midway / East River


Brittan Pittman

We developed this film for our friends at Sermonary, for the launch of their kickstarter campaign. The campaign was a huge success, funding within 2hrs of launch.

Produced by: Film Lab
Director: Joey Mathews
DP: Brittan Pittman
Grip / Camera Assistants: Oliver Ortiz, Ryan Clements
Colorist / Sound Design: Aaron Tharpe
Copywriter: Nathan Nix
Set Dresser / Art Director: Liz Kilgore
PA: Tina Cornelius
Executive Producers: Justin Trapp & Wade Bearden