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A glimpse into what I'm up to every now and then. I share films, behind-the-scenes information, production setups, design work, local events around Houston, Texas. 

iPhoneography + Plastic Bullet Camera App

Brittan Pittman


There's something about captured moments and experiences from another time that I can't quite wrap my mind around. Images from the past, that I've come across, seem to reach deep in my heart and soul. I'm not sure if it's my emotions yearning for the past and to know what life was all about in that time or if I'm drawn to the simplistic lifestyle of those before us. Every photo that comes through an editing tool, whether that be my iPhone or Lightroom, I always run it through the B&W preset...I normally don't post that specific image but it's usually a saved duplicate. When I came across the Plastic Bullet Camera App last year, my fixation with photographs from the past was now a possible outlet for my own. I went back through my entire iPhone library from 2012 to found the images I wanted, ran them back through all my editing apps (Camera+, Vscocam, Snapseed) and then brought them into Plastic Bullet. I used the same B&W filter/overlay for consistency, saved them out, and brought them into photoshop to resize and save for high-res prints. I used Mpix to print them all because they are awesome and affordable. The first two images are of Emily's grandpa that I came across a few months ago. These are the images that inspire me, that draw me in and transport my mind into the past. All others are my personal images shot with the iPhone.