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If you are inquirng about a wedding, what might the wedding date be? *
If you are inquirng about a wedding, what might the wedding date be?

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Day to Day

Story & Heart - Academy of Storytellers

Brittan Pittman

Respected and experienced filmmakers from a variety of industries—commercials, weddings, documentaries—share their secrets to what they do best. Then you join the conversation. Ask questions, share your experiences. Learn from one another. It's educational and entertaining. Other platforms are boring and ineffective because of one major missing piece: Pre-production. Lessons at the Academy are the culmination of interviews, scripts, rehearsals. They're not too complex that you get lost and not too simple that you get bored. They're the very best ideas with the best presentation. It's story-driven. No talking heads here. Lessons are dynamic—they show filmmakers in action, step-by-step screen flows, helpful graphics to break down bigger concepts, and B-roll to demonstrate techniques. You get to see and experience as much as possible. And more than just lessons, it is a complete community with discussions; webinars; downloadable cheat sheets, eBooks, and templates; gear discounts with LensProToGo, B&H; and so much more. Join us at the Academy of Storytellers.